by Shawn Barry

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released July 30, 2013

All tracks written by Shawn Barry; "Fredericksburg" co-written by Julian Pitt.

All tracks arranged and produced by Shawn Barry and Julian Pitt.

Julian is all over the credits because he helps with every aspect of creation. I present a rough draft to him (often in shambles) and together we try to extract something accessible from the big glob of sound.

Mastered by Jordan King at J. K. Productions:
(PS he's multi-talented and awesome to work with for all things audio)

Album art by Julian Pitt

Special thanks to Evan Gitterman for awesome mixing help and lending us gear that made this album possible. Also thanks to everyone that shared their thoughts about the album in the last leg of production!

Dedicated to my family, girlfriend, and closest friends, who saw every side of me through the making of this album and supported me the whole time.




Shawn Barry

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Track Name: Color Fields
Passing over the fields look like Rothkos
Just like the poster that hangs 'bove my bed post
For every hour lying there, a mile drifted
When you take your morning run, I'm still wasted

Every time I bid goodnight to a prerecorded alibi
You've passed out, perched at the counter
Waiting to hear your name over the line

Driving over the causeway, love like Rauchenberg
Nostalgia rusted out, such a cold return
Speeding 'cross the marsh you don't open your mouth
I think we're etched in deep and we can't see out

Every time I bid goodnight to a prerecorded alibi
You'd passed out, perched at the counter
Waiting to hear your name over the line
Track Name: Granite
That moment razor sharp pining down your back
Auburn horizon now folding into black

Too late to catch up now
Too late to work in granite
You've played the pathos out
We've heard enough of this

That acupuncture crawling as your mind gets clear
Fragmented illusion sprawling, your armor now so sheer

It's too late
It's too late for Lincoln and Richter and Cuvier
Track Name: Blur
Pictures composite in the glass
Each one more washed out than the last
And I try to find myself in this blur.

Sometimes clarity is nothing but sugar pills,
just to soak up the poison.

Sifting through layered contrition
Racing my thoughtless ambition
And I try to find myself in this blur.
Track Name: On Fire
You walk in on fire
Quiet, smoldering, try to signal with smoke
Charred expression reads that you're just high
Keep my distance 'cause I already know

If I ask you'll say that you're fine
Defensive laugh reveals everything
All your glamor, still a mediocre liar
Need a savior but let no one in

Just tell me you walked in on fire

No one here knows what you're fighting
No one here knows what you're hiding
That you walked in on fire
Track Name: Kalahari
Syncopated mornings
Kaleidoscopic turning in your head
You've seen every combination;
You try to keep your hands still, but they never stay

Each day is perforated - you can tear them out when you're through
But you can't control the tumbling
'Cause you are not the one who makes the gears move

But you know I depend on the person you invent
I depend on that person you invent each day

Separated from your badgering illusions,
Would I finally find you?
Or only if we were surrounded by the Kalahari sand would you come through?

But you know I depend on that person you invent
I depend on the person you invent each day
Track Name: Drifted
Let me know with a small flare, with a tiny spark
How far out have I drifted from my arcane start?

I crash, dissolve
You constrict my paper skin.
I reveal my house of cards
And you're the wind.

'Cause, I'll never hold a candle to
anything that I built before you
cast your eyes down, so unmoved.
And the jaded quiet cuts right through.
Track Name: Fredericksburg
White light, a sliver cuts, I jolt awake
Gears align, water sprays - the cold's ingrained
Plot the course, the road falls off the map
Aimless, crossing pavement, winter's glass

Weigh my heart before the gods
Is it light enough?
Will I make it past the gate?

Cold steel carries me away from here
This is where I will face my years
Ultimate, irreversible
All my crimes hidden from the council
Track Name: Mather
Bathed in northern gold
Monumental woods unfold
Echoing back their sweet remorse when you say you're too old

A coat of harmony
Every voice strikes every tree
I dare you to fear the dark enclosed in this sanctuary

And you fill up with the vapor
And you heal the longer you stay here
Can we leave our things at home and just remain
where the air is clear?

Lucid as the water
I am blemished and unbattered
Every anxious morning blurs as the reverb scatters
Track Name: St. Jerome
I'm hanging on every last absolute you reveal
Each incision permanent
With each new judgement cast you carve my relief
and my fear into cement

Burnt in, year by year
Ritual dependence on your favor evergreen
Still the doubt drips down through the ceiling's flaking paint
And I'm soaking underneath

Every action binding
Now my lungs constrict and I'm sorry
Each new piece defining
And I pray you're still here with me

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